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In the Hive - December

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The most important thing for winter is to make sure your hives have sufficient stores to make it to spring. Lift up the hives and feel how heavy they are. (Do this with 2 people if you can.) If the hive feels light, add your winter of feed of choice.

On a day with temperatures above 65ºF do a mite check with a sticky board or your preferred method and see if the Varroa mite levels are still high. If so, treat the hives on days with temperatures above 60ºF with Oxalic Acid either using the drip method or vaporizer.

Bees are often very calm in winter months but don't be fooled. I was stung by several hive inhabitants because I took it too lightly. Usually best to wear your protective clothing anytime you enter a hive.

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