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Swarm Removal

Think you have a swarm of bees that need a new home? Please call Jim Pickett at 

(479) 530-5534 and he will coordinate with a local beekeeper to safely remove it. 

Swarm of Honeybees

Please do not spray a swarm with water or chemicals.

When calling, the following information will be helpful;

  • Approximate height of the swarm.

  • How long the swarm has been there.

  • Physical address.

  • Instructions for finding the swarm. 

  • Texting a picture to the number above is helpful.   

Image by Kostiantyn Li
Swarm of bees on mailbox
Swarm of bees in a tree


Swarming is a honey bee colony's natural means of reproduction. In the process of swarming, the queen and half the colony depart in search of a new home. They leave behind a new queen egg and enough bees to tend to her needs. While mainly a spring phenomenon swarms can happen throughout the producing season.

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