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Nominating Committee

Ed Levi and Jeff Grace.

This committee considers who would serve as officers of the association, contact those possible candidates to solicit their willingness and nominate the slate of candidates at an appropriate meeting as per the bylaws. This committee also opens the floor of that meeting for others to “throw their hat into the ring” for any position and allow any and all candidates a couple of minutes to express their willingness to serve. 

Planning Committee

Ed Levi, Deb Elam and Maureen Grace.

This committee should solicit input from the membership and decide on programs for regular meetings as well as for special events. These plans should be consistent with the mission statement of the association and the bylaws which should be aligned with the desires of the membership.

Community Outreach Committee

Carrie Soltz, Katie Hurt and Ed Levi.

This committee is responsible for the programs and activities to educate the general public regarding the importance of beekeeping and other pollinators. This committee will also coordinate with other area organizations to further its mission.

Swarm Committee

Jim Pickett and Jay Davidson

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