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In the Hive - December 2023

Be aware, the warm autumn conditions here in NWA this year has drawn down many hives winter honey reserves. We recommend a quick check of your hive to see if supplemental feeding may be necessary. A quick way to check is to tip your hives from behind and check the weight. If they feel too light, consider feeding a 2:1 sugar:water solution.

We have some higher temperatures coming starting December 2nd, and the following week, so a good time to feed if necessary. It may take 2 to 3 days for the bees to find the solution, depending how you feed (from outside or inside). If you cannot check your hives, feed anyway and see if they take the solution.

Bees are often very calm in winter months so you may not need smoke but don't be fooled. Usually best to wear your protective clothing if you are using frame feeders.

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