NWA Beekeepers By-Laws

Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to bring together a group of people with interests in bees, beekeeping, honey production and marketing of honey and related products.

The association is formed to share information within the group as well as inform the public through presentations, articles in print, information discussions, and the collection of books, journals, and videos in a common library open to all interested persons, to foster the art and success of beekeeping.

Benefits of the organization may include improved beekeeping techniques, social contact with other beekeepers, improved marketing skills, and possible discounts for supplies through group purchases.


Article 1: Membership

Membership shall be open to all interested persons who attend meetings and events and who pay dues, with privileges accorded to the level of dues paid by member.

Membership shall run from January 1 to December 31, is annually renewable, and may be pro-rated quarterly to new members.

Levels of membership shall be set by the members and may be increased or decreased by the majority vote of the association membership as deemed necessary for the betterment of the association.

Full membership includes all privileges of voting in all elections and issues, full discounts on merchandise when available, listing on Swarm Committee volunteers, use of Association logo and marketing tools, receipt of newsletters, calendars of events, access to all educational materials from the Association library, and the right to hold office.

Associated membership includes the privileges of attendance of all meetings, educational and social events, access to library materials, receipts of newsletters and calendars.

Family membership will include all privileges of one member, and associate privileges for all other members of the same family or organization.

Lifetime membership grants full membership privileges for the lifetime of that member and is not transferable.

Article 2: Dues

Dues are payable upon becoming a member and renewable annually before the end of January each calendar year. Dues that are more than 60 days late (after April 1) will be considered associate membership for that year. First time membership may be pro-rated and full membership may be granted to the first time members who join within 6 months of the renewal date (January 1).

Levels for membership dues are as follows:

Full membership per year: $15

Associate membership per year: (50% of full membership)

Lifetime membership: (Annual membership x 15)

Family membership: (Annual membership $20)

Club dues are $10/year for an individual or $15/year for a family..

All moneys will be held by the treasurer and be deposited in a checking account at a local bank and will be accounted for on a monthly basis to the membership through treasurer reports.

Article 3: Meetings

All regularly scheduled meetings will be held the second Monday in the evening at 7:00 at the designated place agreed to by the membership.

Special events are to be held at times and places agreed on by the membership.

Board of Director meetings may be called by the President or any other Board member as needed, or at the request of members when an issue arises that requires business or policy decisions. The board of Directors is mandated to meet a minimum of once a year after elections to review annual budgets, set calendars, and set the course for the year’s activities.

Article 4: Officers

All office holders must have full membership dues paid through the current year that they are in office. Pro-rated new membership does not exclude office holding.

Officers are expected to attend meetings and shall be responsible for the administration of the association. In case of absence, responsibility for their duties rests with the remainder of the Board of Directors.

Section 1: President

The president shall preside at all regular and Board of Directors meetings of the Association.

The president may appoint committees and call special meetings when necessary.

The president represents the Association on special occasions.

The calendar of the annual events including programs and speakers will be set by the president no later than the first month of the year and distributed to the membership at large no later than the second calendar month. This responsibility is a correlation of suggestions from the Board of Directors and the membership, and may be modified as events change. It is the primary duty of the president to set the calendar and follow through with the contacting of the speakers and arranging other program agendas.

The president may fill vacancies for the Board of Directors through appointment of an unexpired term of a Board member for the remaining of the year if needed.

The president has full voting rights, as any other member.

The president reports all financial issues to the membership in the absence of the secretary-treasurer.

Section 2: Vice President

The vice president shall preside in the absence of the president, and acts with all of the powers granted to the president in their absence. A full report of all business will be made to the president upon their return.

The vice president fills in for the secretary-treasurer in their absence.

The vice president assists the president with setting agendas and programs for the coming year.

Section 3: Secretary-Treasurer

This officer takes notes of the meetings, reads minutes from previous meetings, answers correspondence, prints and distributes calendars to the membership. All public notices in newspapers and other media will be regularly posted by the secretary-treasurer.

The secretary-treasurer keeps all the financial records, makes deposits, reports monthly the disbursements and outstanding bills due. This record is kept in a permanent file.

Section 4: Member at Large

The member at large is the fourth person on the Board of Directors and is responsible for filling in when the secretary-treasurer or the vice president is absent. Their job is to assist with executive decisions, help set the agendas, and serve as parliamentarian when necessary according to Roberts Rules of Order.

Section 5: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will consist of the president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and member at large. Their responsibilities are to govern the Association, to fairly represent the members, and to serve as advisors to the president in all matters having to do with policy, procedure, or programs. They convene when necessary, at least once a year, to organize the year’s agenda and oversee elections.

Article 5: Committees

Committees are of two kinds: permanent and ad-hoc. Permanent committees are formed at the consensus fo the membership and are on going.

Permanent committees might be:

Publicity – in charge of all information distribution through the local newspapers and other media;

Education – coordinates programs and prints newsletters

Bee-Swarm committee – in charge of the collection of bee swarms when alerted by the public of bees needing to be collected or removed. A rotating list should be generated with names of contact persons who can be called by the public and who would then call the name on the list of volunteers in a rotation order to give equal chances to interested beekeepers.

Marketing committee – oversees and researches markets for products from members and coordinates labeling, packaging, and quality control.

Ad-hoc committees are convened for special purposes and have short term responsibilities. They may be formed at the request of the president or in response to certain events such as elections, picnics and other social events, or as needed by the association.

The election committee is an ad-hoc committee appointed by the president for the purpose of collecting nominations for office.

Article 6: Elections

Section 1: Term limits

The president may serve for one year and may be re-elected for two consecutive terms.

The secretary treasurer may serve indefinitely by an annual membership vote of confidence.

Section 2: Requirements

Office holders must be dues-paying members elected by a majority vote of eligible members through nominations by the floor at the annual spring picnic.

Appointments may be made by the president to fill vacancies until the next scheduled election.

The vice president fills in for the president for the remained of the term in case of resignation.

All nominees must agree to hold office before a vote is taken.

Article 7: Actions

These by-laws may be changed by 2/3 vote at the annual election.

All suggested changes to the by-laws must be brought before the membership one month before the annual election in writing.

This version of the by-laws is a draft copy and is not binding until all changes are completed and the membership has agreed by vote to

make them active. 05/16/07

Article 8: Dissolution

In the event that the association should need to be dissolved, all monies, assets, materials and properties shall be turned over to The Humane Society for Animals.