September 2019

NWA Beekeepers Meeting Minutes for 2019, September 9th, 2019

Attendance: 39

2019 dues can be paid to David Bercaw club treasurer. They are $15 for single or $20 for a single.

brought the food

Brad Keck open the meeting.

Ark beekeepers in Bentonville, Oct 5&6th

October speaker will be Danny Brewer Arkansas State bee inspector.

Job openings: We need a new vice president, apprenticeship program coordinator.

Winfridus short report. 131mites drop, day after treatment with Oxcylic acid 1300 mites over 11 hives.

3.3 grams of acid per hive mixed with 50/50 sugar water.

Topic: A Philosophical Idiosyncratic Nostalgic look at American Beekeeping 1840-1920

Speaker Don Steinkraus

Department of Entomology

Most of Don’s work is on biological control of row crows.

Honey Bees are basically the same as is was 5000 years ago.

Humans in the past would do almost anything for honey in the past.

In Indonesia would climb trees to harvest naked combs.

Genesis 43:11 Give the king the best products of the land.

Honey not as popular due to high amount of sugar in the diet that we have today.

Ancient times Honey was highly valued.

Bee Skep market in Holland. 1935 Holland

Few available seats

no electricity

no cell phones

no verroa mites

no gas powered cars

no small hive beatles

Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring about DDT

Human population grow since 1700’s

fewer places to put hives

monocultures, mia for lawns, as bee go so go quail…etc

1968 first recorded case of chalk brood

Pollen lots of colors

Chalk brood black mummies

1984 tracheal mites 1st described in England in 1921.

1987 Vorra mites came into the US.

1998 the small hive beetle came into the US.

1957 Africanized Honey Bees came into Brazil by Dr. Warwick Kerr

Human Health risks associated with Africanized honey Bees

6,328,000 car wrecks

5-10 deaths per year due to Africanized bees per year.

Effect of multiple stressors

There are many stressors on bees.

Bee keeping around the turn of the century. Apple trees, clover in the yard, with beehives.

W.L Coggsshall. First commercial beekeeper. He had insulated Hives.

Knives fro uncapping honey would have to be heated manually.

1810-1895 Rev, Lorenzo Langwrath inventor of the removable frame hive

First person to import Italian beekeeping.

Price per queen in 1860 was $10, a lot of money back then. Now it would have been the equivalent of $320 now.

Canada hives in 1990 17 boxes high!

CC Miller 1915. Book 50 years among the Bees

Wife caught a swarm over the house. she through them into a sugar barrel.

They would store bees in there basement. They would turn barrels upside down for ventilation.

1919 Dadant Outapiaries.

Major inventions of beekeeping all came from late 1800s by creative, inventors.

Beekeepers of the past had fewer pests.

Many of our "bee" problems were caused directly or indirectly by beekeepers.