September 2018

NWA Beekeepers Meeting Minutes

Date: 09-10-2018

Attendance: 61

Old News: Carl Rowe discuss the Bee Club Apprenticeship Program

New News: None.

Snacks: Thanks to those who brought pizza and drinks

Topic: Bee inspections

Speaker: Danny Brewer, State Bee Inspector

Danny got started in bee keeping in 2011. One of his first hives contracted European Foul Brood. It is characterized by a shotgun pattern in the brood cells.

How do you get European Foul-brood in your hives? It is a bacteria that lives in the bee. The most likely source is the transfer of EFB from other bees especially if one captures swarms.

Danny Brewer State Bee Inspector for North Arkansas

501 231-0537

You can find the plant board and items related to bee keeping at the

Arkansas Agriculture Department website. Check the upper top right hand corner look under : Apiary

If you have a bee hive you need to register your bee yard.

Legal bee hives have to have frames that the inspector can remove from the hive.

Registration # are supposed to be posted on your bee hive.

2018: 2,582 registered bee keepers for a total of 7,434 colonies of these 2,560 hives were inspected.

In 2018 Arkansas had 26 cases of European Foul-brood.

There are 10 commercial bee keepers left in the state.

Only beekeepers transferring ownership or selling hives need to be inspected. Certificates are good for six months.

If you are selling queens out of state you are required to have an inspection every 90 days.

European foul-brood creates a random pattern in the brood cells where some of the larva are rotting. If found the hive must be quarantined for 30 days.

American Foul-brood attacks larva after they are capped and has a strong odor. The larva sticks in cell.

There are test kits you can buy. But they do not have a good record of working. American Foul-brood is a spor. European Foul-brood is a bacteria in the gut of the bee. In Arkansas the only way to get rid of America Foul-brood is to burn the hive.

Bee inspectors have to inspect for fire ants if the hive is being transported to CA.

Ants are attracted to SPAM. Inspectors set out SPAM near hives going to CA. Within 45 minutes ants will come out of a hive and go for the SPAM.

Danny puts out 57 swarm traps to look for AHB Africanized Honey Bees each year. Any trapped bees are then tested in the state lab.

Terra-Pro is not allowed to use in a bee hive any more. If you want a antibiotic to treat European Foul-Brood then you need to call a Bee Vet to write you a prescription for the antibiotic. The bee keeper and the vet must have a relationship. Then the vet can write the prescription. VFD Veterinarian -Client- Patient relationship

Vets can issue antibiotics to treat foul-brood. Find out which ones are trained for bees:


Dr. Heidi Ward Ass Prof UofA extension office is training the vets.

You have to catch Foul-brood early in order to be able to treat with antibiotic otherwise it is useless to try.

One way to prevent EFB from spreading is to keep two bee yards. One should be where you keep your swarms and quarantine these until you know they are safe from EFB. Keep your other main bee yard separate from your swarm bee yard.

Arkansas has three counties next to Louisiana that have Africanized Bees.