September 2011

70 folks were in attendance, end of summer die-off!!!!

Ken called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

New folks introduction, about 7 new people attending, WELCOME!

Thank you to everyone for bringing refreshments: Edith Rizley brought fruit, Victor Mathis brought cookies and cupcakes, and David and Iwana Stephenson brought an AMAZING spread of healthy delicious food!!!

Ken recapped some things about what the Board of Directors has been talking about, hopefully meeting minutes will be up online at some point so if people want to get involved they can know what's going on!

Jerry Harvey told us about the two main magazines of American beekeeping: The American Bee Journal (ABJ) and Bee Culture.

Bee Culture $21/year: the easier of the two journals. There are fun articles and serious ones as well. Jerry talked about an article that he read this month about going gloveless and methods to get yourself to working your bees without gloves.

ABJ $19.50/year: this is the more technical journal but still has basic articles. One that he talks about is "Feeding Basics".

Both of these have websites have info that is useful for free. These journals are posted as links on our association website.

We have vouchers for subscription discounts for both of these journals, so ask Mel for them.

Jerry also found a cool ap for your electronics on bee diseases and also found a site ( through the barefoot beekeepers) that has podcasts about beekeeping! Also, TED talks is useful on discussions about everything including beekeeping.

Ken read us an article from Bee Culture.

We had the typical fun Q&A about all kinds of stuff!

- Question about, What is meant: "Provide upper ventilation of hive". Bees must remove a lot of moisture from nectar before capping a cell as honey. To help remove moisture from hive you can ventilate by placing a paint stir stick or a couple of quarters between inner cover and telescoping cover. Enough space to ventilate but not enough for bees to exit or enter.

- One really important bit of info: if you're feeding this time of year, you need to give as little water as possible as there will be too much condensation in the hive going into winter.