October 2014

Northwest Arkansas Beekeepers Association

October Meeting 2014

Fayetteville Arkansas

13 October, 2014

Club President: Tom Nichols

Vice President: Mark Eaton

Treasurer: Nancy Kahanak

Secretary: Brad Keck

"Unique among all God's creatures, only the honeybee improves the environment and preys not on any other species."

~ Royden Brown

This month we are treated to a visit from our regional, state bee inspector Aman Minic. Aman’s vast knowledge of bees makes him an incredible resource for beekeepers. Aman has been kind enough to provide us with a copy of his powerpoint presentation. Please see the presentation - Beekeepers responsibilities, below. Enjoy!

At the start of the meeting we had 33 people in attendance. Next months meeting will be our potluck supper, starting at 6:30pm

FEED THE BEES: Anise Hyssop (Agastache) is a perennial plant in the mint family. This plant is native to much of north-central and northern North America. It is tolerant of deer and drought, and also attracts hummingbirds and butterflies making it an attractive selection for gardeners. This species grows from 2 to 4 feet tall, in a clump-like, upright shape, with flowers appearing in showy verticillasters. The plant blooms in June to September with bright lavender flowers that become more colorful near the tip. Anise hyssop was used medicinally by Native Americans for cough, fevers, wounds, and diarrhea. The soft, anise-scented leaves are used as a seasoning, as a tea, in potpourri, and can be crumbled in salad. The purple flower spike is favored by bees that make a light fragrant honey from the nectar.