November 2010

Meeting was called to order by Mel the Secretary-Treasurer right after 7pm

Approximately 45 people at the meeting

New folks: Welcome to Rick S. and Tom O.! Rick is looking to get started and Tom has got one colony but is still a new-bee!

Mollie Hendrick is selling lip moisturizer and solid lotion made of wonderful smelling stuff, please support her!

Please keep both Ken Fielding and Jerry Powell in your thoughts while they go through different family health issues.

Items on the agenda:

To have or not to have a holiday potluck: At least 15 people said they'd be interested in the potluck and so it is on. We will have it on 13 December at 7pm. We need for some people to make big meat items and the club will reimburse you. Others please bring sides. The club will have drinks, plates, napkins, etc. Please email if you can bring anything.

Schedule for beekeeping classes for next year: January 24, 25, and 31. New schedule, Monday, Tuesday, and Monday at 6-9pm at the Pauline Whitaker Equine Center classrooms on the corner of Knapp Street and Garland/112. The January meeting will be canceled, but we will meet in February to start talking about ordering queens and packages.

Winterizing colonies powerpoint by Mel and lots of questions about feeding that Jim Pickett fielded afterwards. Don't forget to get your equipment orders in to Mark Eaton ( or 479-789-5575) He's also the new area contact for orders for Walter T. Kelley apiary supply company. If you order through him in the next few weeks, your shipping will be free! So get your orders for wooden ware in to him and your other tool supply orders from Kelley in soon!

Jim Pickett's trip to France

Apimondia happens every other year and Jim got to go to Montpellier, France, last year in September and the slogan was The Bee, the Sentinel of the Environment. There are lots of cool sections of the meetings that have different types of lectures and presentations such as Beekeeping in the Economy, Bee Biology, Pollination and Bee Flora, Beekeeping Technology and Quality, Apitherapy, Beekeeping for Rural Development, Timing of Varroa Control (which Jim shared in depth what he learned with us), Disease Resistance Studies, Small Hive Beetles, Tropilaelaps Mites (a new mite in SE Asia that affects the big Apis dorsata bees native to that area), and Nosema ceranae. Jim also taught us about the Patron Saint of Bees (St. Ambrose). He also got to go on a technical tour to visit local beekeepers in the region. He went to Perpignan on the border of Spain and France. He also shared pictures of all kinds hive-types used around the world in history. Skeps, log hives, baskets, and weird unidentifiable ones! Thanks Jim for sharing!!!

Meeting was quick and was adjourned by 8:15 PM!