May 2013


MAY 11TH 2013


(1) PRESIDENT: Tom Nicholls

(2) VICE PRESIDENT: Mark Eaton

(3) TREASURER: Nancy Kahanak

(4) SECRETARY: Victor Mathis

The club's Annual FIELD DAY was held Saturday 11 May at Club member Steve Aust's home near Fayetteville. Steve graciously invited the the club's members to observe his hives and walk through a presentation of his operation. The unique view that members had, came from the two view points represented...Namely (1) A bee operation to raise queens and (2) a bee operation to produce and harvest honey. Steve is a raiser of queens, therefore his secondary concern is honey and large populations of healthy bees. Jim Picket and a majority of club members are concerned with the production of honey. Both approaches were demonstrated during the field day trip.

Steve's home sits high above his hives and a walk down to the bottom of the hill where the hives were located proved to be a challenge especially for older club members, however everyone made the trip and spread out across his valley floor were his various hives and queen produceing operation. Recent rain made the area at the bottom fairly muddy. A pond was located nearby the hives such that even is dry or drought periods the bees had water available to them.

The club members were invited to form up into smaller groups across the many hives in order to observe closely the working of the bee's cycle in various hives.

The raiseing of bee-queens is a singularly different operation than the cultivation of honey and comb. Each queen cell is carefully harvested and isolated with attendant bees to service the queen. Normal frame and foundiation lengths within Steves hives were half the length of honey supers, and careful attention is given to 14 day cycle of time it takes for a queen cell to evolve from larve to pupua to emerging queen. At that point the new queens are isolated and cared for until they are harvested and sold to re-queen a honey hive.

Over all the Field Day was very successful and allowed new and old members to get hands-on time.

On behalf of all the Club Members, we graciously Thank Steve and his Wife for having us at his home and for the excellant training it provided to club members !!!!


The June 2013 meeting will be held on the second Monday of the month at the usual starting time of 7:00 pm. We hope to see all of you there.