March 2018

NWA Beekeepers Meeting Minutes for 2018, March 12

Prepper Bees Supply: Call if you want supplies and he (Patrick Edwards 479 616-4345) will bring the supplies to the bee club meeting for you.

Benton County Bee Keepers have two lectures schedule:

April 7th 1-3 Walmart Auditorium Benton County club Dr Leo Suriskin speaking on topic Natural Bee Keeping see

June 1st Friday, Richard Underhill, topic Queen grafting

Attendance: 77

Brad Keck Bee club president opened meeting and explained sign up lists and benefits of club membership. The club will accept used bee keeping equipment for the apprenticeship program. Next month, Brad will sell the used equipment before the session begins.

Order your Nematodes: Nematodes live in the ground and eat hive beetles when they hatch out. $14 Nematodes bags will go to first 47 bags. April 9th they arrive on a Monday. Pick up at Prepper Bee supply. Or pick up at Tuesday the 10th at the bee club. Order Nematodes from Prepper Bee Supply 479 426-7172. You will want to put them out the day you pick them up.

Speaker: Earl Rowe and David Cheeck . Uses The Beekeepers Handbook as a reference book. Topic: Installing a package.

Indirect Release Method. 3lbs of bees in a package. Notify the PO that package of bees are coming. Take a two frames out of hive. Take Queen cage out of package. Stick queen cage on one of the frames with rubber band or a nail. Candy goes up so the Queen can get out. poke a hole in candy, shake about a pound of bees in hive. Place rest of package out in front. Spray bees with a little sugar water.

Indirect Release Method Two: Take four frames out of the hive and put queen cage inside hive on a frame. Place the whole package inside the hive. The next day take the package out of the hive. and replace the frames. Check to see if the queen has chewed through the candy plug. If queen flies off just wait until she returns. Don’t move. After bees are in hive feed them with sugar water so they will draw the comb out. Stop feeding bees when they stop taking the sugar water. Once you put a super on quit feeding.

Direct Method: Take four frames out of the middle of hive. Spray packages with one to one sugar water. Bump the package gently down on ground and shake bees into hive. Then set package in front of hive. Very carefully, slowly and replace four frames. Put inner and outer cover on top of hive. Two to three days later check to see if queen is OK. Then leave it alone for two weeks. Check to see if there is any sealed brood on frames. Want the 3/8” bee space between frames and inner cover.

Nucs: Nucs are better than package of bees for getting a colony going. It includes a laying queen, related bees, honey ….a small scale bee hive. Open up nuc box and lift out frames and transfer the frames to the hive box. Add in extra frames, replace inner cover and lid. Replace frames in order they came out of Nuc box.

Make a Nuc: making splits —-> setting up for two hives: Pull three full frames of brood, one frame of honey and a frame of pollen —-> set in Nuc box #2. Come back in a week and check for eggs. If there are eggs then that is the sign the queen is active and going. The original box will make a a queen cup. Nurse bees will stay in Nuc. Foragers will go back to the mother hive.

When do bees begin to swarm? Usually in March. If you see a capped queen cell it is too late, bees have already swarmed. put wax and lemon grass oil in a trap.

Apprenticeship program is for 13-18 year old folks who are interested in keeping bees.

It provides bee equipment, a nuc of bees and a mentor to help with the bees.