June 2016

June 2016NWA Beekeepers Association

June Meeting Minutes


President Brad Keck opened meeting

In opening remarks, Brad thanked all those who made our 2016 NWA Beekeeper’s Association Field Day a success. He thanked Jim Pickett, Steve Aust, Dennis Counts and Brian Hauck for their help opening hives and sharing their time.

Thanks to Tracy Evans for supplying drinks for the meeting. If you would like to volunteer to bring food or drinks to one of our meetings, please see Brad to acquire a slot.

New Business:

Jim Pickett resigned at our last Board meeting. Jim will no longer be an authorized signer on the club bank account. The Association would like to formally acknowledge Jim for his many years of service to the club he was instrumental in creating. Jim has helped countless new beekeepers become successful. We thank you Jim and hope we will continue to see you at our meetings.

Victor Mathis resigned as Treasurer. Victor will no longer be an authorized signer on the club bank account. Thank you Vic, for your years of service to the club and your efforts in obtaining our 501c3 tax status.

In order for the club to obtain our 501c3 tax status, it was necessary for Mark Eaton to resign as Vice President of the club in 2015. A simple conflict of interest made this necessary and we thank Mark for his years of service to the club. He will continue to be a vital member in good standing.

Brian Hauck resigned as Secretary

Nominations were made for new Board members.

Dennis Counts was nominated for Member At Large

David Bercaw was nominated for Treasurer

Peter Lester was nominated for Secretary

Brian Hauck was nominated for Vice President

All nominations were seconded and approved by the members.

Congratulations to all.

David Bercaw will be added as a bank account signatory.

End New Business.

Brad welcomed all new Beekeepers.


Brian Hauck gave a presentation on how to harvest honey and fielded questions during and after the presentation,

Brad closed the meeting

Next meeting will be held on July 11, 2016. we hope top see you there!