June 2012

The June monthly meeting of the Northwest Arkansas Bee Keepers club met in the Agrilcultrural Extension office starting at 7:00 p.m.

Present for the meeting : President Tom Nichols

Vice President Mark Eaton

Treasurer Nancy Khanak

Secretary Victor Mathis


Did YOU Know???? In Middle Ages Europe, a common day practice was for newly-weds to drink MEAD...(Honey Wine) for one month or one phase of the moon...hence the term HONEYMOON..

Visual aids used to show the nuts and bolts of Honey Extraction consisted of two different types of manual centrifugal extractors, buckets with spouts, and a verbal explanation of the step by step process. Lots of a tips were given to the club regarding the simple BUT intricate process of getting honey from the frames. Some of these tips were hard learned and well received by all members.

Information was covered for the immediate protection against hive-beetles once the frames were emptied of honey. Filtration screens identified ranged from wedding-veil screens to panty-hoses. Important to all extraction procedures is to conduct the extraction in an enclosed area...otherwise if it is conducted in an open area bees will be attracted from great distances and interfere A LOT to the extraction.

Immediately after the frames are emptied it is important to either FREEZE the empty frames or add Moth-ball crystals to a plastic bag and place the empty frames in the bag....the idea for either way is to save the foundiation for the next years honey.

Throughout the demonstration many physical tips were shown to extract the honey, what to do BEFORE-DURING-and AFTER and measures necessary to save as many frames as possible for next year.

Lots of questions from the Club Members hopefully gave them a lot of hard facts on HOW-TO extract honey.

Next Month's meeting of the Bee Club is scheduled for July 9th, 2012

BEE FACTS: One gallon of honey weighs 11LBS, 13.2 ozs (almost 12 lbs)...by comparison one gallon of water weighs 10.8 LBS To produce 1 Pound of honey the bees who made that 1 pound must visit AT LEAST 2 Million Flowers...and that's a lot of flowers !!