June 2011

Mel was gone for this meeting so thanks to her husband, Jerry Harvey for taking some notes:

105 people were in attendance. Numbers are back up!


-Toby Hale of Daisy Outdoor Products (479-621-4302 or 800-643-3458) of Rogers, has a bunch of hummingbird feed that is 62% Sucrose and is fit for feeding to bees. At the time of the meeting he had 166 pallets, each of which has 145 gallons in small containers. He's not able to break a pallet so if you want some, you need to be able to take away a whole pallet. IT'S FREE. Some of our members have already started feeding this to their bees during this summer dearth. IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT TO BE USED WHEN YOU HAVE HONEY SUPERS THAT YOU PLAN TO EXTRACT! Some people are worried about the red dye, but it doesn't seem to be harmful to the bees, just makes red honey and red bees!

We had three presentations:

Natasha Wright, Don Steinkraus' new student at the UofA, gave a presentation entitled "Pathogens and Biological Control of Small Hive Beetles in Arkansas".

Larry Tompkins gave a presentation on Top Bar Hives


Maurice Colpitts gave a presentation on honey extraction.

Please let Mel know if you are willing to bring treats or drinks to any meetings this year.

Also, please let Mel know if there are any topics that you would like discussed at future meetings.