July 2019

NWA Beekeepers Meeting Minutes for 2019, July 08

Attendance: 40

2019 dues can be paid to David Bercaw club treasurer. They are $15 for single or $20 for a single.

Brad Keck open the meeting.

Next time the club will have a honey tasting contest. Participants must have their honey registered their honey by 6:30pm. One submission per participant.

Topic: Mite control

Presenter: Winfridus Bakker.

Varroa mites are an Asian mite. European bees are susceptible to Asian mites.

What happens when mites are not treated?

High rates of queen failure.

less than ideal brood pattern

lack of colony build up.

Verroa Reproduction:

Life cycle only on done on brood, preferably drone brood. because the drones need 24 days verses 21 for worker bees.


If you have lost hives and do not know the reason, a mite count will help t determine if this is an issue or not.

Currently, best options for controlling mites are acids. (Formic and Oxalic)

Avoid use of harsh chemicals like Amitraz or Organic P compounds

Treatments should be done in late summer and winter or earlier spring. Knock down brood and start with lowest count possible.

Check on sticky board for other pests

Lithium Chloride as a systemic agent

Effective in killing verroa mites.

Oxalic Acid Treatment

Pads: partially effective

Fumigation: Inaccurate, wind and need to close off the bottom of the hive


Sugar water 1:1 (warm hive)

calculate the number of hives and multiply by 50cc to make a tootle solution on ml.

50cc of sugar solution means mixing 30g of sugar with 30 cc of water.

Use 3.5g of oxalic acid dihydrate (99%) / hive/ 50cc

If you have two boxes of brood only treat the top box.

Example: 7 hives

The Science company : Oxalic Acid


Oxalic acid is absorbed or consumed by bees and lowers the hemolymph pH that the mites cannot handle. They drop and die.

Tools: Acid, small scale, spoon.

Mite counts rose dramatically after oxalic acid treatments.


Oxalic drip method seems very effective for treating verroa mites.

It is cheap

Oxalic acid is not a hard chemical.

Resistance to OA seems difficult for mites.

2 treatments per year is enough to control the mite population knocking it back to very low #s.

See Randy Oliver’s online articles commercial bee keeper sticky board verses alcohol wash.