July 2012

President : Tom Nichols

Vice President: Mark Eaton

Treasurer: Nancy Kahanak

Secretary: Victor Mathis

The Bee Club meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at the county Extension Building on the campus of the University of Arkansas with the meeting starting at 7:00 pm.

DID YOU KNOW: Up until 2010 it was ILLEGAL to keep Bee Hives in NEW YORK CITY...a fact that escapes any logic for a bee keeper. Chicago Illinois however promotes bee keeping and has a city-owned set of bee hives on the roof of City Hall.

The topic for the July meeting is WAX MELTING with Paul and Ellen Knutson giving the presentation and sharing their experiences in melting bees wax.

Preface: Club Members will be receiving an e-mail from the University of Arkansas regarding self study, additionally a representative from the Arkansas Beekeepers Association spoke before the meeting started regarding their organization and invited club members to go to the website ARBeekers.com as an additional source of information.

The Meeting: The power point presentation on the collection of Beeswax identified many positive reasons for the collection and use of beeswax. Fortunately for us THIS YEAR the temperature required for the wax harvesting starts at 91degrees (F). Listed in the presentation was twenty some odd uses for beeswax which range from Medicinal to Cosmetic. Beeswax contains Vitamin A and for medical usage and it surpasses petroleum based products as a skin care product.

Solar Melting of beeswax was presented as a vastly superior method for melting the wax since UV Rays from the sun actually destroys most of the virus containing elements in the was. A point of interest identifies that "Black" is a preferred color for solar extractors since that color helps to deflect heat rays while at the same retaining the helpful heat.

The web site www.beesource.com/build-it-yourself/beeswax collector was identified during the presentation as a blue-printed source for a how-to-build your own solar beeswax melter. Many variations were also presented for home-made wax melting devices.

A home-made idea of using a "knee-high" woman's stocking was presented whereby both ends are cut out both ends of a regular 1 lb coffee can then cover the can with the stocking. Then push the solid beeswax into the open end of the can, down into the stocking and when full tie off the stocking and put it in the solar extractor. Beeswax has a melting point of 144-147 degrees (F) with the FLASHPOINT being 399 degrees (F)

Once the wax is solidified hot water helps to soften the wax enough to remove it from any container and Ellen Knutson showed several home-made applications for beeswax. Molding beeswax into useful products is limited only by the imagination. The use of beeswax for candles was explored with several good reasons why they are to be preferred over petroleum paraffin.

Beeswax is ANTI-VIRAL and ANTI-BACTERIAL and is an excellent lip balm, and is also a good skin care product. Handouts were available for several recipes using beeswax.

The Next meeting in August is scheduled for August 13th.

BEE FACTS: The Russian Government under Czar Alexander II offered parcels of 500 acres to the people of Siberia on condition that they keep bees for as least 5 years....No QUITTING !!