July 2017

NWA Beekeepers Meeting Minutes for July 10, 2017

Prepper Bees Supply: Call if you want supplies and he (Patrick Edwards 479 616-4345) will bring the supplies to the bee club meeting for you.

Jim Pickett opened the meeting.

Saturday August 5th Benton County bee club and Neosho, MO bee club will have a swap meet.

Brad Keck:

Honey tasting: If any one has a suggestion for a good name for the contest please let us know.

Call David Check about using the club honey extractor if you are a club member.

Who Brings the Sting: David Berkaw

Everything has a defensive mechanism



average # deaths from different causes

obesity 30000

texting & driving 6000

black Friday 550

deer 130

hot dogs 70

bees/wasps 50

There are many insects / animals that bite / sting:

lone star tick - Ehrlichiosis deer are reservoir

Brown recluse spider, Black widow spider, Scorpions, Copperheads, Diamondback Rattle snakes, Timber rattlesnakes, Bumble bees, Yellow Jackets , Wasps, Paper wasps, Bald face hornets, Carpenter bees,

Honey Bees:

are generally docile

they do sting

only the females sting

Drones do not have stingers

at some point you will get stung

Stinger not pushed in by bee, drawn in by sheath

When bee withdraws the venom sack assembly pulls out.

about 0.1mg of venom is dispensed in a sting

Venom is called apitoxin.

It is a mixture of proteins:

neurotoxin-paralysis of local nervous system

causes inflammation and decreases blood pressure

acts as anti-coagulants

Human response to apitoxin will run from burning and itching at the sting site

to localized swelling, widespread swelling and difficulty breathing or even sudden death.

Pain caused by:

Melittin (50% of dry bee venom) peptide is a anti-inflammatory agent, binds to red blood cells and accuses release of hemoglobin

Bees generate alarms

Alarm pheromone

Released when a bee feels threaten or feels the hive is at risk

Alarms other bees bees to danger

Pheromones are released when a bee stings an intruder and tags the intruder as a specific threats so that other guard bees may attack the intruder.

Remove stinger as quickly as possible.

Scrape the stinger sideways with your fingernail, credit card or your hive tool to tear it out.

If you are attached in the open by honey bees:

Stay calm, run to safety in a straight line, try to to get to a closed environment,

dont’ swat at bees, crushing bees releases pheromone. Wear light colored clothes (white). Loud vibrations can irritate a hive

Sting treatment:

Plaintain cut up leaves and soak in apple cider vinegar for a month.


ice-ice pack for 20 minutes

Other treatments:

Mix the following into a salve, witch hazel, aloe vera, garlic cloves, cumin or use a bee balm

Juices to neutralicze bee venom, onion or green onion tops or cucumbers.

Essential oils:

Lavender essential oils, neosporin, benedryl pill, chickweed oitment, tobacco, Coenhagen chew and applied as pollutes, baking soda paste, meat tenderizer, mint tooth paste, Stop the sting, A good bourbon

Good idea to have an Epi-pen in stock: come in sets of two.

Honey tasting:

Jacob Crain

3rd place Judy and Jack’s honey letter G 47 points

2nd place letter B 48 point

1st place Brad Keck letter A 49 points Comes from hive up at 2 blocks off Bentonville square. The area has lots of flowers.