August 2017

NWA Beekeepers Association

August Meeting Minutes


President Brad Keck opened meeting

55 people were present for the meeting.

In opening remarks, Brad thanked those who supplied the refreshments. John and Pappy Kingston

Old Business:


New Business:

Brad Keck will end term of bee club president in October. If some one wants to serve as the next president then let Brad know.

Patrick Edwards sells bee hive components engraved with names or designs on bee hives.

Carrol County bee keepers. Will move to Berryville on second Thursday of month and meet in Carrol County Electric Co-op

Oct 27th & 28th Arkansas Bee Keepers Association hold annual meeting in Little Rock.

Patagonia Honey Co presented a short talk on

Honey from Chile’ Special Honey from South America.

2018, Jan 22, 29 and Feb 5th John Zawislek will be teaching our bee school.

Brad Keck; The Economics of Bees

Some of you may not bee charging enough for your money.

Built a hive recently for a client and was paid $300.

$1,000 in bee processing equipment.

Altogether he has around $10,000 invested in his bees and equipment.

Thus the need for a return on investment.

Washington County has grown there is a huge demand for local honey.

Honey is judged on Clarity, taste.

North Dakota produces nations largest crop of honey, but has a low demographic /population and thus a low demand.

Washington County has high demand per population verses a low supply thus high price per jar. NWA high demand and low supply on honey.

Wholesale versus retail. Gap in the price. WMT buys at wholesale and sale at retail.

Farm product can be sold tax free. If you sale another person’s honey then you have to pay sales tax. If you go to a craft shop like War Eagle Craft shop one may pay $200 per table plus %10 tax for opportunity to sell at the craft fair.

Economics: Who is the buyer demographic, what is competition for honey in this market, who are wholesalers and who are retailers.

Brad charges $12 / pint.

Check wholesale pricing check National Honey Board work with American Bee Journal to publish prices. Listed by 55 gallon drum, case, quantity and pound.

2017 National Honey Board price per pint is $7.50. Brad puts in 22 ounces in a $5.44. He labels jars 22 ounces do not fill jars to top so no honey over flows when it is opened.

Local honey should be priced per sting.

Last year Brad has sold all of his $12 / pint honey.

I keep raising the price and people keep buying. This year I am going to sell at $14/pint.

$0.34 / ounce National Honey Board but WMT has it $0.16 / ounce. Something has been added to the honey.

How did Brad price his honey at $12 / pint? Brad compared his honey price with the Mexican Honey at WMT at $12. He feels that his honey must be better.

Jamie’s Hive and Table honey from NLR is selling at $0.53 / pint.

Ozarks Natural Foods $24 / pint for local honey. The most expensive Honey in NWA.