August 2011

Ken Fielding called the meeting to order at 7:07pm (boy oh boy are we talkative tonight!!!).

88 people were in attendance! Oh, you just came for the air conditioning!!!

New folks were introduced - at least 6 new people - welcome!! He wanted to make sure everyone's aware about our classes that we offer every year in January and February, so stay tuned for announcements about time and place.

Anyone not getting notified about meetings either by email or postcards, please see me (Mel) at meetings or email me at

If anyone is not a member and wants to join, it's $10 per year for individuals and $15 per year.

Thanks to Paul and Linda Laue and Bobby Morrow and family for bringing refreshments and drinks for tonight!!!

We have decided to make a Board of Directors so that it's not just three of us making decisions for the rest of the club. Membership is growing and growing and the club should be doing lots more stuff. We'll meet quarterly and minutes will be posted. The first year's Board of Directors will be: Ken Fielding, Jim Pickett, Mel and Jerry Harvey, Winfried and Tellita Bakker, Tom Nichols, James Sugg, Russell Cothren, Mark Eaton, and new members to represent new Beeks: Chad Burkett and Mitch Wright. The term for each person will be between 1 and 3 years so that the Board rotates yearly without total turnover. Terms will be posted online when picked out of a hat at our first Board meeting on 29 August.

The Board will set the agenda every year, they will organize and execute the student scholarship, they will organize folks to bring refreshments to the meetings, plan for yearly classes, work on public relations and school visits, special events like field trips, picnics, and potlucks.

Larry Tompkins presented his way of record keeping. Remember that we were alerted to a good way of doing it back in April on Hivetracks, but Larry's got his own way of doing it. He calls it "Bee Data and Information Systems". The goal is to manage bee stocks more effectively. Objective is to determine status of the hives, and determine the needs of the hives. The action is to prepare the record system that holds the required data and information.

Ted Hooper's Five Questions:

1. Room: Adequacy and appropriate spacing

2. Queen: Present (BAS- brood across the stages, in other words, egg, larva, pupa, adult)

3. Colony development: in comparison to the other hives in your yard and how well the frames are developed and being used

4. Disease: signs, abnormality

5. Stores: sufficiency

Another guy to look at is Jerry Freeman, from Hamburg Arkansas, who wrote a book on The Seasons of Beekeeping (

Larry's record keeping system focuses on these five questions and he's got a grading system for each of the questions (A= adequate, I=inadequate, 0=unsatisfactory, 1=satisfactory, 2=good. He adds these up and gives a grade.

He's found an ap for his iPhone!!!! It's called beetight and there's an ap for the Android phones, too!

There was lots of talk about varroa mites and people brought in sticky boards to look at.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:32pm.