April 2018

NWA Beekeepers Meeting Minutes for 2018, April 9

Attendance: 75

Prepper Bees Supply: Call if you want supplies. Patrick Edwards (479 616-4345) will bring the supplies to the bee club meeting for you.

Nemotoids arrive tomorrow. If pick them up on Tuesday night or at Preppers on Wednesday. Afterwards they will go on sale on a first come first serve basis. Pay checks out to NWA Beekeepers. Ratio for Nemototes is roughly one bag to ten hives.

If anyone is interested in Tupolo Poplars for next year talk to Brad Keck.

Marlin Wallace is looking for a bee keeper to take about 10 to 15 beehives to his Blueberry Heaven Farm near Goshen (479) 409-6639.

The Friends with Animals event Wednesday April 26th 8:00 am to 1:00pm is looking for volunteers to help with the event and man the Bee exhibit. Talk to David Cheek if you can help.

The adult time is 5:00 to 9:00.

Toby Hale has humming bird nectar he wants to give away. Contact Brad Keck for details. (479) 621-4302

Robin Renslof brought food tonight. Thank you!!

The club still has some donated equipment for sale. Contact Brad Keck for details.

Apprenticeship Program application for 2019 is available online nwabeekeepers.com The program includes bees, a mentor and beekeeping equipment.

Topic: Bees Swarms by Brad Keck

Club will have a swarm list. See Jim Picket if you want put your name on the list. If you want on the swarm list, you have to be a club member, have your own equipment and be 18 years or older. Keep your gear at the ready because bees don’t stay around long. You will need to be able to go to bees within 30 minutes or so. Also be able wait until dark to catch all the scouts. Generally, bee swarms need to be moved 3 miles away to a new spot. One of the best books to read to learn about swarms is: Dr Seely, Honey Bee Democracy.

What is a swarm? It is how the bees propagate the species so that there are more bees. The bees are looking for a new home.