April 2017

NWA Beekeepers Meeting Minutes

April 10th 2017

Brad Keck, the president of NWA Beekeepers Association was not present (sick in hospital). Jim Pickett conducted the meeting. He gave a presentation on hive splits and swarms. He discussed the reasons to split a hive, how to tell if a hive is a good candidate for a split and his most successful method to perform a split. He also discussed walk away splits and the benefits of putting a queen in a split verses letting the bees raise their own queen.

He talked about the swarm season which is upon us and how long it will typically last. He discussed shortly the reasons a hive will swarm, listing genetics, congestion within the hive and decreased queen pheromone. A question and answer period followed his presentation.

No new or old business was discussed.

Preppers Bee Supply had Nemtodes available to members to help control the small hive beetle population.

The meeting in May will have a presentation on Small Hive Beetles given by Dr Yong Park a professor of entomology at U of A Pine Bluff.

Approximately 90-95 people attended the April Meeting