September 2012

Northwest Arkansas Beekeepers Club

10 Sept 2012

President: Tom Nichols

Vice President: Mark Eaton

Treasurer: Nancy Kahanak

Secretary: Victor Mathis

The September, Northwest Arkansas Beekeepers Club meeting was at the University Of Arkansas Extension Office at 7:00 p.m.

BEE FACTS: The Genus/Species Apis Meliferia has over 200 sub species of bees.

Prior to the meeting Eric Rdmundson, 417-435-2672 a club member, brought several Korean Edovia tree saplings for club members to purchase, which is reported to be an excellent source of nectar-produceing flowers in the middle of summer.

The meetings topic for the evening was a detailed presentation of the Apprenticeship Program. The club currently has two apprentice beekeepers, who started their hives during the April-May period of this year. The initial report for these first 6 months follows.

The first to report was thirteen year old Colten Hardesty of West Fork. He started with a 3lb package of bees which arrived when the club ordered in April. He described the procedure he used to install his bees. Colten walked us through his initial 30 period where he discovered one and then more queen cells. Using photos he documented the apparent death of his original queen and the subsequent hatching out, mating, and egg producing of his new queen. He reported that within the last two weeks both of his hive bodies were filled out with honey and brood comb as well as his one medium super.

The second apprentice report was from Sam Goll also of west fork. Sam also started with a standard 3lb package of bees bought through the club. Sam actually built his hive bodies from scratch where he put them together, sanded and painted the boxes, and hand wove his wire frames and installed the foundations. Sam makes lip balm, mustache wax, candles, and body lotion from the wax he collected. Sam reports that he extracted honey from 4 frames collecting 6 bottles of honey after straining.

Following the report of both of the clubs new apprentices, president Tom Nichols announced that the club plans to continue the apprentice program with hopes that we expand it in the future.

In October, Dr. Steinkrouse and one of his Graduate Students will present bee raising information program during the October meeting at the Pauline Whittaker Center.

The Northwest Arkansas Beekeepers meet at 7:00 pm on the second Monday of every Month..and hope to see you there.