Miscellaneous Tips

  1. Tired of wiring wax foundation into the frame. Use bobby pins to hold the foundation in place.

  2. Ever notice that the bees have built up the cells on wax foundation in a wavy manner. Wax foundation has a Y imprinted in the bottom of the cells. One side is raised and one side is depressed. Make sure that when you install the foundation in the hive box that starting from the center the raised Y faces out toward the box sides. Mount the foundation so the cleat faces inward from the sides.

  3. Ever try to brush bees off of a frame. Did you brush from the top of the frame toward the bottom and the more you brushed the madder they got. You would get mad to if I tried to break your back. Cells are angled downward at a 5 to 7 degree angle. You need to turn the frame over and brush from the bottom to the top. This action tends to pull the bees from the cells and makes them a whole lot less angry.

  4. Ever pull a frame of honey from your hive but some of the cells are not capped. Is the honey in these cells to watery and will it cause the honey to spoil. Turn the frame bottoms up and store for a period before you extract the honey. Any honey that is to watery will run from the cells. All the honey left will be okay to extract.

  5. Small Hives Beetles ever slime a frame. Remove the frame and place over a fire ant mound. The fire ants will clean the frame and leave the wax alone.

  6. Ever try to box a swarm of bees but they did not stay. Put a frame of brood into the box from another hive. Then add 2 drops of lemon grass oil and they will not leave.

  7. Wax moths taking over. You can get cheap moth balls at Walmart. Just be sure they are made from Paradichorobenzane. Wax moths do not burrow into plastic foundation or plastic frames. They can destroy wood frames.