September Mini-Conference via Zoom- Oxalic Acid and Varroa Mites from the Experts - Click Here for Details


Wednesday, September 15, 7 PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

Speakers and Moderator:

Dr. Medhat Nasr, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada​

Dr. Nasr's paper in Nature may be found here.

Cameron Jack, Ph.D., Agricultural Lecturer and Distance Education Coordinator, University of Florida, USA

Cameron and his associates recently published papers on:

Comparing Four Methods of Rearing Varroa Destructor in Vitro, 2020

Evaluating the Efficiency of Oxalic Acid Vaporization and Brood Interruption in Controlling the Honey Bee Pest Varroa destructor (Acari: Varroidae), 2020

Determining the Dose of Oxalic Acid Applied via Vaporization Needed for Control of the Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Pest Varroa destructor, 2021


We are all hoping for the best for 2021! And to give you something to look forward to, the ABA will be returning to scenic Mountain View, Arkansas for this year's Fall Conference on September 24-25. We will once again gather at the Ozark Folk Center State Park for a weekend of honey bees, good food and friends, and a little bit of mountain music! The ABA Executive Board is already working on plans and inviting speakers to inform and entertain you. If you have ideas for presenters or topics you would like to see and hear, don't hesitate to make your voice heard and contact a board representatives! See you there!

We will share registration and program details as it comes together. Visit the ABA Events Page for more details.

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