Calendar of Events

March Meeting- 3-9-2020 Nonday 7:00p, installing a  package, nuke. And the walkaway split 7pm Springtime care, installing a package. David cheek

April Meeting- 4-13-2020 Nonday 7:00pm - Swarms and swarm trapping Dr. Clay Burger

May Meeting- 5-11-2020 Nonday 7:00pm Planting for bees
Winfridus Bakker

June Meeting- 6-8-2020 Nonday 7:00pm - HIVE BEETLES DR. Yong Park

July Meeting- 7-13-2020 Nonday 7:00pm - Beekeeping with Neil Van Dalsem

August Meeting- 8-10-2020 Nonday 7:00pm - Local honey tasteing ,Mite control - Winfridus Bakker

September Meeting- 9-14-2020 Nonday 7:00pm

October Meeting- 10-12-2020 Nonday 7:00pm