March 2012

First meeting of this new year.  About 75 to 80 in attendance.

Jim Pickett opened the meeting at 7 PM.

Jim announced that Ken Fielding had resigned from being president of the club.  The board recommended that Tom Nichols be elected president.  The floor was open to nominations.  Jim Pickett was nominated but he declined to serve.  No others were nominated. Tom was elected without decent.

The club is still looking for a secretary.

Nigel Dawson is still looking for donations of equipment and/or money for the apprenticeship program. Club members are asked to donation good used equipment that will be stored at Nigel's house until needed. Nigel can be reached at

Jim Pickett presented How to Install Bee Packages, and How to Split a Hive.

The bee packages ordered by the club will arrive about March 31, so you need to get your bee yard and hive hardware ready now.

Ed Levi was the featured speaker.  Ed is a former state bee inspector and current queen breeder.

Ed introduced the club to  The mission of this organization is "Using beekeepers' real world experience to solve beekeepers' real world problems"

Ed's primary presentation was a slide presentation titled Sustainable beekeeping thru genetics. The focus was primarily on VSH bee colonies and how Russian bees have been brought to the US and breed to be good honey producers as well as having their natural resistance to the Varroa mite.

Ed is currently breeding VSH/Russian Queens.

Ed's presentation will be placed on his website.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.