April 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by our president, Tom Nichols, with about 70 people in attendance. Tom announced that new club bylaws were being drafted and will soon be sent to all members via e-mail and posted on the association’s website. It was also announced that Mark Eaton has been elected by the officers to fill a newly created position of vice-president. Congratulations to Mark, and commendations to our officers for making such a great decision! Thanks were given to Brad Keck for providing food and to Victor Mathis for the drinks. Members who have had bees for one year or more were encouraged to make themselves available as mentors to new beekeepers and apprentice beekeepers on a month-to-month basis and a sign-up sheet for this was passed around. A reminder was given that club treasurer Nancy Kahanak was available to collect membership dues and members were given the opportunity to update e-mail/phone contact information.

Tom introduced special guest Aman Minick, who has replaced Ed Levi as the new State Plant Board Apiary Inspector. Aman gave a very informative presentation on the background of the agency, rules concerning registration of beehives and other related regulations, with emphasis on the devastating effects and control of American and European foulbrood, and how all of us involved in beekeeping benefit from regulations that are in place. Aman will be with us again for our meeting next month which, instead of being on the usual second Monday, is scheduled for Saturday, May 12 and will include a field trip at which he will conduct a hive inspection and show us all things to look for when checking our hives. More details on this will be coming our way. Exciting stuff!

A time for questions and comments revealed the obvious, that this year is proving to be enormously better than last for our bees, and it seems pretty much everyone’s packages have gotten off to a good start. Sweet!

The meeting was adjourned around 8:15 and good time of learning and fellowship was had by all. Don’t miss our Saturday, May 12 meeting! Until then, bee happy…