October 2013

                                                     Northwest Arkansas Beekeepers Club
                                                          Monthly Meeting Notes                                         14 October 2013
Club President:  Tom Nichols
Club Vice President: Mark Eaton
Club Treasurer:  Nancy Kahanak
Club Secretary: Victor Mathis
The NOVEMBER meeting will a glorious "Pot Luck Supper" with food fit-for-a-beekeeper!!! Everyone is encouraged to be there to fill your stomach with good food and mix and mingle with fellow bee keepers. 
BEE FACTS:  According to the British News Agency the new wife of the one day King, the Dutchess of York, Sarah, her taking Royal jelly from Honey Bees helped to eliminate preganacy problems such as morning sickness and allowed her pregnancy to progress smoothly.  When taken by men it is alleged to relieve or eliminate pain, arthritis, and high blood cholesterol, while providing a major safeguard against cardiological disorders, diseases of the liver, stomach ulcers and digestive disorders.  WOW!!!!
The Northwest Arkansas Bee Club has an Apprentice Program, where new persons, old or young, are assisted in the establishment of hives and in the management of the bees.  Tonights presentation will discuss the program with its applications. 
We had a couple of visitors to the meeting who indicated an interest in starting several hives. In January there will be three introductory classes for new bee keepers in the 13th, 20th, and the 27th.
Nigel Green is an Apprentice Mentor and two of his apprentices conducted the class. The first class was conducted by Auston Mosher.
Austin's pesentation started with a video showing the installation of his bees, and the process of inspection and observation.  The second presentation was by Joslyn Wilson.  She also had a visual presentation in which she started with the installation of her been and the various labors involved in their management.  Both new apprentice beekeepers were guided and helped along the way with support from Nigel Green and family members and club members.  Good Luck new keepers and one day extend the same helping hand to someone else wishing to raise bees.  
Again---Next Month's Pot Luck Dinner is going to be worth the drive so come hungry.   
DID YOU KNOW:  The International Queen Marking color chart is as follows:
                    Color                   For year ending in:
                    white or grey        1 or 6
                    yellow                  2 or 7
                    red                      3 or 8
                    green                   4 or 9
                    blue                     5 or 0
Good Luck and God Bless and KEEP BUZZING!!!