Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was created to help govern the Northwest Arkansas Beekeepers Association. The board will consist of 9 voting members. Voting members can be a husband and wife combination and share one vote in the event both can not attend the board meetings. The creation of board then set term limits. Terms start in August of each year and rotate for a maximum of 1 to 3 years. Term limits for newly elected board member or replacements are selected by blind draw. Voting issues must pass by majority or  2/3rds vote to be approved. The president will cast tie breaker vote if necessary. The board may conduct official business via email when necessary and initiated by the president.

The Following is a list of Officers & Board Members;

Brad Keck                            



President, Officer, Board Member

Committee Head; Monthly Meetings



David Bercaw

PO Box 885
West Fork, AR 7274


Committee Head; PR & Promotion

Treasurer, Board Member
Committee Head Education

Secretary, Board Member

Winfred/Tellita Bakker             

5662 Elm Springs Rd               

Springdale, AR 72762              


Board member

Committee Head; Special Events

Earl Rowe            



Vice President
Board member

Committee Head; Apprenticeship Prg

Dennis Counts                                                   

Board Member

Tom Nichols                             

11327 Gibb Whitmire Rd         

Prairie Grove, 72753                


Board member

David Cheek

Board member

Victor Mathis

Board Member

Debra Elam             


Board Member