Sam's Activities

 Date Activity Image
02/19/2012Cleared out my an area within some plum thickets for my behive(s) Click on image to see larger version.
04/26/2012 My hive is now up and running and it is doing absoultely wonderful.  Bees are coming in with pollen, my queen laying, and there is only a small area of the foundations that still need to pulled out.  I have tasted some of their honey and it is great.  I also have to thank all those who have been helping me lately.  I am greatly looking forward to school getting out, the rest of spring, and summer.  
05/22/2012  I now am out of school, finally, and I have added a second brood chamber.  I just added a medium super yesterday.  I am excited for some fresh honey to help with my allergies.  
07/07/2012 I just got back from a month at Hendrix college at Arkansas Governor's School.  I checked my hive for the first time in a month and half of my super is full of capped honey!  
 08/19/2012 I extracted honey a couple of days ago and I got 6 jars of honey from four frames (a nice dark and delicious honey).  I started feeding the bees again.  I also have been making lip balm and lotion from wax.  I am looking for more wax and I was hoping you guys could help me.  My email is; please let me know if you have any surplus wax that you are willing to share. (I will take wax of any color and condition.)