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Just wanted to let you know Colten's bee package instillation went well.  He did great and he had a great time doing it.  Val and I definitely think he is hooked on Beekeeping.  I attached a picture of him removing the cork from the end of the queen cage.  Weather permitting I will head to Colten's on Wednesday evening to check on the queen. 
Reported by Nigel Dawson
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Picture by Nigel Dawson.

Nigel and I went into the hive Wednesday. The bees are starting to build comb.  Also, there is 1 and a ½ frames of nectar and some pollen in the hive.  Redish-orange pollen can be seen in the picture. The most exciting part is we found the queen!! She has not laid eggs yet, but it was good seeing her moving around.

Reported by Colten Hardesty      

Colten's Bees.
Nigel and I went into the hive today and I saw that there was 2 and ½ frames of brood. I saw something that looked like a queen cell in the hive.

Reported by Colten Hardesty

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7/23/2012Nigel and I went into the hive today in over a month. I saw some brood, larva, but no eggs or no drones. I found the queen she looks good. I am feeding the bees now. They only have 2 frames of honey. We need rain!!!!
We are 15 inches below average. 
Reported by Colten Hardesty